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Bill’s & Co Group

Company Background

Company Background

Bill’s Finanze Corporation Pte Ltd was incorporated in late 2017 by Bill Osman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Bill's Finanze Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Bill’s & Co Group, has partnered with FxPrimus to provide educational courses on cryptocurrency, trading and investments, as well as providing investment solutions that are long-term and conviction-led.

Bill’s & Co Group has expanded its investment in large scale from franchising sectors, car leasing, shipment and land logistics, F&B, renovation to property etc. In addition to Singapore, the Group has developed several speakers in Malaysia to carry up their educational business purposes. The Group is also looking to expand its business throughout Asia. With growing numbers of clients and partnership from various industries has strengthen the group's credibility and reliability.

Bill Osman

The CEO has been operating the business for more than 2 years, educating his students in obtaining knowledge to identify reliable and safe high yield investment programs and assets like class. He himself made several investment, to name a few, in the stocks market, cryptocurrencies, commodities, local SMEs, etc. With his valuable knowledge allowing him to make tons of fortune has encouraged him to educate more public in investing smart. His teachings stretched from various learning from Bitcoin investment to US stocks assets to trading platforms and more.

Bill Osman has a positive mission in disclosing his methods of success in the Investment industry where he had achieved to be financially free and over hundreds of his clients has achieved it too by following his ultimate strategies. He has never fail to mentor his students for the past 2 years where he gained trust from the public and attracted them to his ‘Know How Investment’ talks. After which he decided to incorporate the business in late 2017 where he recruited experienced speakers from well known organisation and walks of life to deliver the ultimate success remedies to the public at large. His mission is to impact the society positively from his talk through learning and experiencing his methods and making financially free lifestyle possible for all, regardless of financial level.

Thus our sole mission today is to be one of Asia’s biggest Investment Learning Hub creating investment solutions and financially free strategies in helping our students to gain passive income and ultimately financial freedom. At Bill's & Co, we strive to build relationships, provide smart investment solution for you and celebrate your success with us!